Web Designer for Small Business

Why specialize in small business web design? Simple, because businesses wants to focus on growing their product. At times, many clients don’t understand the coding and the tech side of developing a site from beginning to end. We guide clients on what’s needed to start or get a web-site online. A summary of what is necessary before creating a site are the following:

1.  A domain Name (Cost about $10)
2.  A company to host the domain name (Cost about $10 per month)
3.  Start thinking about sites you have seen and liked (copy the URL of the site or bookmark the sites)
4.  Do you have a logo? Will you need one?
5.  Content for your site
6.  Images for your site
7.  Think about internet presence – meaning, have your web-site in Google, Bing, AOL etc.
8.  Accomplishing this requires marketing the site.
There are many types of marketing strategies. Some work and some don’t. For quick site placement in Google, the best way is pay-per-click. It requires setting up an account with Google and bidding for placement. Cost Per Click depends on the product and competitors bidding. One can not decide the cost for an ad without testing the market.

For new sites it recommended to do some pay per clicks and some SEO marketing.

We provide. clean page layout, customized design. HTML or WordPress Design. Responsive Web Design for mobile, tablet, desktop or laptops. Site with look amazing on any devices. We have a library of images that we can help you with if you do not have any.

– Other Services we Provide:

– Email Marketing

– Flyer Creations

– Adwords Campaigns

– Youtube Submission for Marketing

– Google + for Marketing

– Facebook creation for Business

– Twitter for Business

– Google, Bing and major directory presence for your business

– White Hat Seo

– Setup of Hosting or domain account

– Webmaster Tool and Analytic account creations

and much more



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